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Centers for Spiritual Living offers a variety of classes that can help you to expand beyond your boundaries and step into your magnificence. Get ready to make a real connection to Spirit by using ancient and modern spiritual practices. Participate in classes taught by amazing New Thought teachers. Discover your inherent creative power.  Classes with various instructors are listed below.  Classes are held at the Riverside Community Center for Spiritual Living.  See below.

Guided Meditations

Tim will facilitate a meditation on Sunday morning, January 6th and January 20th in the sanctuary beginning at 10:00 AM and ending at 10:20 AM.  See below to directions to The Riverside Community Center for Spiritual Living.  Each Sunday before the service a practitioner will facilitate a different twenty-minute meditation.  There is no charge.


Breath meditation

“You must maintain a close communion with your true center. Your creative power is not an act of will. It is, rather an act of your willingness to believe.”

This class delves into all of Ernest Holmes’ writing, feasting on his quiet, devotional writings as well as his impassioned teaching for future leaders. His love of people, and his facility for seeing past their problems into the heart of their eternal being, blends modern psychology with humankind’s limitless ability to choose what to think and to feel, and therefore make changes in their lives.

**Foundations of Science of Mind is a pre-requisite for this class.


Class Starts June 20, 2019

Textbook: The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

The Essential Ernest Holmes by Rev. Jesse Jennings

You can sign up and pay for the class by clicking on the above image.

Class Offered

If you’re committed to your spiritual path, this class is a must.  It is the next step after having completed the Foundational Level to further your realization of who you are and what you are here to do.

The class is facilitated by Rev. Jeffrey Kealoha Ryan and Practitioner Emeritus Allison Barrie, R.Sc.P.

Registration is $179 if paid in full at time of registration. $200 if payment plan is requested – an initial $40 payment is due at the time of registration. The rest of your payments will be made at class. Your tuition includes student workbook.  $10 for a printed workbook (or a free digital copy will be e-mailed to you)

You can sign up and pay for the class by clicking on the above image.

This class is an exploration of meditation, spiritual mind treatment (affirmative prayer), and journaling—as ways to nurture, awaken to, and consciously participate in your relationship with God.  As you experience various methods of these practices, you’ll discover how they serve to connect you with your Divine Self.

Through the course of this class, you will not only discover the “how to’s”, but you’ll begin to create a daily routine and commitment to doing your spiritual work.  Putting these tools (or practices) to work each day will allow you to feel more deeply rooted in God as your Source, as well as establishing a pattern for a fuller, richer more authentic life.

“Perfect God within me, Perfect Life within me, which is God, come forth into expression through me as that which I am; lead me ever into the paths of perfection and cause me to see only the Good. By this practice, the soul will become illumined and will acquaint itself with God and be at peace.”

Why Meditation?

Meditation is a wonderful metaphysical practice that fosters a blissful state of being, relaxes you, provides mental clarity and helps you to tap into your intuitive nature. Meditation can be silent or guided. Incorporating a regular meditation practice in your life will help you connect to the power of the Divine that resides within.

Tim is a member of these organizations...

Centers for Spiritual Living, Headquarters

Centers for Spiritual Living is an organization of more than 400 spiritual communities around the globe. We honor people from all walks of life and embrace all Spiritual paths. With a variety of services available, Centers for Spiritual Living meets the needs of families, singles, children, adults, and seniors. Whatever your lifestyle or journey, our spiritual communities are ready to embrace, love and accept you as you are.

Riverside Community Center for Spiritual Living

If you are seeking inspiration for your spiritual journey to true awakening, The Riverside Community Center for Spiritual Living provides easy-to-use tools to nurture your inner self/your soul. If you are in search of a spiritual community where you are respected and accepted for who you are and want the inspiration and support to grow to your highest potential, please accept our invitation to visit us soon. We embolden people to live their highest potential through the transformative Power of Love. See map below.

Association for Global New Thought

The Association for Global New Thought encourages all of its member communities and friends to participate throughout the year in the Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence. AGNT is committed to global healing achieved through personal transformation, community-building, interfaith, intercultural, and interdisciplinary understanding, and compassionate activism.


If you are seeking inspiration for your spiritual journey to true awakening, Centers for Spiritual Living practitioners provide easy-to-use tools to nurture your inner self/your soul, so that you can live an inspired, healthy and happy life. Awaken your authentic self with visioning, spiritual mind treatment or prayer, affirmations and a variety of meditations.

All Paths and Faiths are Welcome

We honor people from all walks of life and embrace all Spiritual paths. At Centers for Spiritual Living we welcome and celebrate people of all races, religions, sexual orientations and social backgrounds. In Centers for Spiritual Living’s international communities, dignity and love reign supreme.

New Thought/ Ancient Wisdom

At the heart of our teaching are the writings of Ernest Holmes and other New Thought writers, past and present. These writings support all of our growth through our work in our spiritual communities, classes and soul care practices. Science of Mind was first published in 1926 by our founder Ernest Holmes.

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