Essential Ernest Holmes

This class delves into all of Ernest Holmes’ writing, feasting on his quiet, devotional writings as well as his impassioned teaching for future leaders. His love of people, and his facility for seeing past their problems into the heart of their eternal being, blends modern psychology with humankind’s limitless ability to choose what to think … Read moreEssential Ernest Holmes

Sunday Meditation


Kim leads everyone in a guided meditation before the Sunday service.  She’ll remain after the service for prayer by request.


Tim gives the invocation and prays during the service. Tim will remain after the service for prayer by request.  Rev. Jeffrey Kealoha Ryan is the speaker.

Treatment and Meditation

This class is an exploration of meditation, spiritual mind treatment (affirmative prayer), and journaling—as ways to nurture, awaken to, and consciously participate in your relationship with God.  As you experience various methods of these practices, you’ll discover how they serve to connect you with your Divine Self. Through the course of this class, you will … Read moreTreatment and Meditation

Sunday Meditation

Tim will lead everyone in a 20-minute peaceful meditation before the Sunday service.

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