Frame of Reference

We choose how to respond to external or outside influences at any given moment. When we release our limiting belief patterns, we change how we respond to events and act from a place of internal Power, creating conditions in our life aligned with our Highest Good.

Fears, doubts, and lack of confidence occur when we unknowingly filter our thoughts through limiting core beliefs. We may have learned these limiting beliefs in response to childhood parenting, our culture, or through a traumatic experience. Many of us worry about people, places, and things or external influences without recognizing and accepting internal Power within our intuitive core consciousness. We may feel separate from our Source. People sometimes say, “I don’t really know myself,” or “I feel like something is wrong” or “I feel like something is missing.”

We can re-train ourselves to intuitively respond from a powerful depth within ourselves, where our core beliefs, values, goals, and true intentions are aligned with Clarity, Peace, and Love. We can re-align ourselves from a place deep within us where we cannot be hurt, do not re-experience past hurt, and know that no matter what we have done or witnessed, we are always loved and safe. It is at that time when we truly “know our Self” and experience Joy.

This can be accomplished through the development of a personal spiritual practice involving meditation in silence, guided meditations, visioning meditations, and through the use of affirmations. It is also helpful to seek help from a spiritual practitioner who has similar beliefs to your own. In this way we create new powerful beliefs increasing our confidence and emotional strength. We learn to respond to experiences from our personal place of Power and Clarity, a frame of reference within ourselves.