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Tim A. O’Connor, M.P.A., M.S.

My background as a transpersonal clinical psycho-therapist working with persons traumatized by catastrophic events and as a police manager working with employees involved in organization change and persons involved in criminal investigations has deepened my insight into the formation of limiting beliefs and the development of empowering beliefs as a person or group works through or processes a dark or transformational period in their life or organization and emerges with clarity, harmony, and commitment.



I taught ethics, addiction, and research courses in the criminal justice and psychology departments for a large university for five years.

I taught classes on a variety of New Thought topics for eight years for two spiritual centers in southern California.

I have held meditation sessions and conducted workshops on a variety of topics, including Leadership, Principle-Centered Time Management, Mindfulness, Visioning, and Strategic Planning/Program Evaluation.



I hold a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from California Baptist University and a Master of Public Administration from California State University, San Bernardino.

In addition, I also received training from The Awareness Institute on Mindfulness Meditation, facilitated by practitioners of Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield.

I trained as a spiritual coach with Centers for Spiritual Living where I practiced for eight years.



I retired as a police lieutenant having served in a number of positions including research and development and investigations with an expertise in child abuse/death investigations, strategic planning, and program evaluation.

I no longer practice psycho-therapy or teach.  I live with my wife, Kim and our two Shih Tzus, Ella & Dean in Southern California, USA.


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Join me in the comments on how we can change beliefs that no longer serve us while embracing empowering beliefs that heal and serve us all.


The practice of alignment centers your frame of reference from outside/in to inside/out where your self-worth is empowered without the acknowledgement or approval of others. Your identity is not shaped by a comparison with others. It is a process where you learn to listen from within and consciously align your thoughts with unifying principles, like wisdom, clarity, harmony, unity, peace, creativity, wholeness, & love. Your expression of these principles is unique to you. Your uniqueness empowers you.


The practice of recognizing your highest intentions, not based on expectations or comparison with others. You consciously choose empowering thoughts by anchoring in principle. You challenge learned values that no longer serve you or your community and create empowering values that serve everyone. It is a process that tunes your body, mind, and emotional state into a balanced rhythm of thinking in the present moment, where the past does not determine your worth and the future never arrives. You are a new creation in each moment.


Acting on principle as a practice focuses your choices in the direction of your highest intentions as well as the good of others. You are motivated by principle, not wealth, power, or pleasure. It directs your attention on principle as opposed to the values of others. It is a process that keeps your actions grounded in unifying principles, like wisdom, clarity, harmony, unity, peace, and love. It is this action through which you leave a legacy. In this space you are not censored by others as these principles are self-evident. Many will recognize them in your action.


“I wanted to write you and tell you how much you helped me during a hard time in my life.  I appreciate all of the ways you encouraged me.  The points you made during our time together made such a difference in my life.  You definitely have a gift for coaching people.  I wish you all the best.”



“I appreciate the way you listened.  Fortunately, you knew how to present the material in such a way that I was able to change my perspective.  It was powerful to know how much control I had over my circumstances, new and old.  I am grateful for your help.” 


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