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My guiding vision is to share with others how varieties of management, psychology, and spiritual practices, like strategic planning, program evaluation, critical thinking, mindfulness, visioning, and meditation lead to the development of sacred leaders as co-creators in the peaceful evolution of humanity.


I have worked with hundreds of employees, family members, and loved-ones, having experienced and transformed their lives after traumatic circumstances.

My broad range of experiences, include meeting with European police managers in Helsinki, Finland collaborating on strategies to work with diverse community members and refugees and in meetings with Rwandan officials and villagers in and around Kigali, Rwanda, exploring ways to empower individuals and communities after genocide.

My background as a police manager working with employees involved in organization change, persons involved in criminal investigations, and as a transpersonal clinical therapist with persons traumatized by catastrophic events has deepened my insight into the formation of limiting beliefs and the development of empowering beliefs as a person or group works through or processes a dark or transformational period in their life or organization and emerges with clarity, harmony, and commitment.

You can re-train yourself by intuitively responding from an inner depth within your centered self, where core beliefs, values, goals, and inner vision have aligned with Wisdom, Clarity, Balance, Peace, Unity, and Love, unifying principles that develop your character as a sacred leader.
We align with the Power within, anchor in Truth, and act based on unifying principles.
To your success!

Professional Background

My guiding vision is to understand how spiritual practices, like mindfulness, meditation, and visioning lead to the fuller integration of science and spirituality in the evolution of humanity in co-creating a peaceful fulfilling existence.

I am certified as a Practitioner (R.Sc.P.) or Spiritual Coach through Centers for Spiritual Living, an international organization with about 400 spiritual centers located across the United States and in 30 countries around the globe.

I hold a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from California Baptist University and a Master of Public Administration from California State University, San Bernardino.

I also trained as a professional coach (C.P.C.) through The Fowler Wainwright International Institute of Professional Coaching. The founders of that institute are Berry Fowler, founder and former chairman of Sylvan Learning Centers, and Barbara Wainwright, former Worldwide President of Certified Coaches Federation. They use NLP techniques. I am certified as a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) through the American Union of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (AUNLP).

In addition, I also received training from The Awareness Institute on Mindfulness Meditation, facilitated by practitioners of Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield.

I retired as a police lieutenant having served in the capacity of investigations commander, watch commander and in research and development with an expertise in child abuse/death investigations, strategic planning, and program evaluation.

I no longer practice psychotherapy. Please review my Terms of Use page.


I have worked with hundreds of employees, family members and loved ones having experienced and transformed their life after traumatic circumstances.

April - San Diego, CA

"I wanted to write you and tell you how much you helped me during a hard time in my life. I appreciate all of the ways you encouraged me. The points you made during our time together made such a difference in my life. You definitely have a gift for coaching people. I wish you all the best."

Michelle - Riverside, CA

"Your models helped me see my world in a different light. I feel like I have more control of my life now. Recognizing my true values and living them was very helpful."

Richard - Los Angeles, CA

"I appreciate the way you listened. Fortunately, you knew how to present the material in such a way that I was able to change my perspective. It was powerful to know how much control I had over my circumstances, new and old. I am grateful for your help."


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