“Rocketed” Review

Win TuttleThis is a must read for anyone in recovery. The author’s “Stash and Hustle” model gives those in recovery and their family members a readable understanding of the psychological cycle of addiction. The author emphasizes the importance of developing a personal worldview of our “Higher Power” and how it works in our life. He suggests that much of what holds all of us back are old core beliefs that no longer serve us, but keep reappearing in our lives. He asserts that it is possible to release beliefs that hold us back through an understanding of our “Higher Power” as powerful and active in our daily lives for our greater good. I like the book because the author views recovery as a process of releasing the old behavior of the past and “being” accepting of the good as opposed to feeling like I’m always fighting “myself.” It’s another way of looking at what I call “grace,” just allowing my Higher Power to work through me because I am worth it. It’s a way of not only feeling whole again, but feeling lovable and living a full life. The author does an excellent job of describing this process of releasing old beliefs and learning to be accepting of what is “becoming” in each of us or what he describes as an “awakening.” The book gave me a greater understanding of the 12-steps as a spiritual process.

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