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My guiding vision is to understand how varieties of spiritual practices, like mindfulness, visioning, and various meditations lead to the development of sacred leaders as co-creators in the peaceful evolution of humanity.

Meditations and experiential exercises give you the opportunity to develop a personal worldview of your Higher Power and how It works in your life.

This is healing process that allows you to recognize, from the inside/out, that which truly moves you to inner harmony and the fulfillment of a loving relationship, abundance, career change, peaceful community, and more.

Workshops offer a variety of exercises that accompany the learning material, developing your worldview, writing personal affirmations, and developing a meditation and visioning practice, etc.

These exercises and meditation practices give you the opportunity to experience the natural evolution of your true “Self.”

Guided Meditations

Guided meditation is a tool that when used in conjunction with spiritual practices changes your state of consciousness creating a richer quality of life. The empowering metaphors and affirmative statements you hear within the meditation penetrate the subconscious mind neutralizing old response patterns, replacing them with empower beliefs and self-expanding patterns, thereby healing old wounds. You are left feeling relaxed, safe, grounded, and powerful in a world with an appearance of powerlessness. My meditations are available on iTunes and Amazon.

Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

I teach the participants the conscious practice of mindfulness, the practice of breathing deeply, inhaling and exhaling, while our self-talk rises and falls into the background as we focus on the breath in the foreground. It is a process of alignment, creating our reality from within each moment, based on our intentions, not the expectations of others. Mindfulness shifts our frame of reference from outside/in to inside/out where our real worth is revealed to us. It is a process that tunes the body, mind, and spirit into a balanced rhythm of living in the now. Mindfulness as a practice reduces stress, anxiety, and self-consciousness.

Sacred Leadership Workshop

Leaders choose how to respond to external or outside influences in any given moment. Practicing mindfulness provides leaders with the opportunity to be aware within their environment and proactive in each moment, while thoughts and feelings created from the past and expectations of the future drift behind empowering thoughts in the present. In practicing sacred leadership skills, leaders develop a frame of reference that is inside/out. During the workshop I assist the participants in techniques that train them to intuitively respond from an inner depth where their core beliefs, values, goals, and inner vision are aligned with Clarity, Vision, Harmony, Peace, and Love, the characteristics of a sacred leader. This allows for compassion and clarity of thought in problem-solving and decision-making.

Sacred Recovery Workshop

Mindfulness in recovery involves building relationships where you are actively conscious of what you are proactively becoming as opposed to repeating a reactive history. Mindfulness allows you to recognize your Higher Power within that which is rightfully private. I train others to respond to this one moment of time, watching thoughts and feelings produced by past beliefs, facing them with kindness as they arise and fall, while focusing on those present in our environment in this moment of time, where you are always creating a new “you” in relationship with others.

Sacred Leadership is key to empowering your "Self" & your group.

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